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Toxic Ingredients

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Source: Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Panel


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About the Panel

The seven CIR Expert Panel voting members are physicians and scientists who have been publicly nominated by consumer, scientific, and medical groups; government agencies; and industry. Expert Panel members must meet the same conflict of interest requirements as individuals serving on FDA advisory committees. Three liaison members serve as nonvoting members representing government, consumers, and industry. With participation of these liaison representatives from FDA, CFA, and the Council, the CIR Expert Panel creates a unique forum for open discussions on issues affecting public safety.

CIR staff members conduct extensive literature searches, compile data, and prepare draft reports on high-priority ingredients. They organize the literature into several categories: chemistry (including physical properties and manufacture), use (cosmetic and non-cosmetic), general biology (with absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion data), and animal toxicology (acute, short-term, subchronic, and chronic studies, as well as dermal irritation and sensitization data).

The staff also prepare a clinical assessment of the ingredients that may include epidemiologic studies, along with classic repeated insult patch tests. In vitro test data are also gathered and incorporated into the review.

At each stage of the process, CIR seeks the input of all interested parties during a formal 60-day comment period.

If the open scientific literature contains insufficient information, the Expert Panel will call on industry or other interested parties to provide unpublished data or to undertake specific studies. After multiple opportunities for public comment and open, public discussion, a final safety assessment is issued.