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The Essentials Starter Kit for Dry/Sensitive Skin

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Product Description

Our products are worth it, and our commitment to you matches their quality. Your skin is unique and we can help to relieve the frustration you've been experiencing with your dry, sensitive skin.  We've been there ourselves, and that's how we know we can help. Our company was founded on deriving solutions for skin conditions using safe, effective, high quality ingredients all while guiding you to pinpoint the cause. We promise to improve your skin or we'll give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked. That's how confident we are.
100% of our customers have felt a significant increase in their skin's hydration levels after using our products. Another remarkable fact is that we have never had a dissatisfied customer.
Click on the tabs below to learn more about this Starter Kit that we put together to jump start your treatment. You will always get more from us than what you see here. We pride ourselves in delighting you with free productsdiscounts, unique gifts, and awesome samples in every purchase with us. You can also count on us to answer any questions you may have, and to guide you to achieving healthier skin, effectively and holistically. If you're interested in exploring our individual products, please click here
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100% Naturally Sourced | 95-97% Organic
Fundamentals for healthier skin from Mother Nature to you, without interference...

Start your movement towards healthy, toxin-free skin by trying our fresh and handcrafted Essentials Starter Kit for Dry and/or Sensitive Skin. It includes all of the essentials you need to start a healthy, toxin-free skin care routine that will re-hydrate your skin and protect the delicate moisture barrier of your epidermis without irritating existing sensitivities. You will immediately notice the difference that a freshly made, natural, and organic skin care regimen has on your skin and will be astonished at its truly lasting results.

Begin with the Polyphenol Exfoliator if you would like to exfoliate. Depending on your skin type, you may or may not be exfoliating everyday. By exfoliating regularly, you remove the top layer of dead epidermal cells, hence making your skin smoother, appearing radiant and healthy as well as improving its ability to absorb holistic nutrients in your regimen. Sensitive skin may only be able to withstand exfoliation once per week. It is important to listen to your skin and do what is comfortable - remember that everyone's skin is different.
After exfoliating, you'll want to continue the cleansing process with your Bio-Nutrient Cleansing Milk. Use a nickel-sized portion and lather onto a moist face using circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
You'll then complete the cleansing process with your Antioxidant Refining Toner. Spray across your skin covering all areas. Allow to absorb for approximately 30 seconds, then gently pat any remaining toner into your skin using a cotton pad.
Next, it's time to replenish your moisture-barrier with the Omega Hydrating Complex. Dry skin must always be moisturized, especially after the cleansing process. Apply a liberal amount on all areas of your face using firm, upward strokes. Keep rubbing your face gently until fully absorbed.
Finally, complete your skincare routine with the relaxing ritual of honoring the most overlooked area of your body in terms of care - your neck and chest. Apply 7 to 10 drops (or more) of the Decollete Serum in the palm of your hand and massage onto your neck and chest in a circular motion until fully absorbed. 
All of our products in the Holistic Essentials Starter Kit have been featured in national skincare magazines and are used by health practitioners and spa professionals on clients throughout the United States. The reason is because more and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of using toxin-free skincare products for the body's total health and well-being since topical application of skincare products gets absorbed into the body's bloodstream. Toxins build up over time (bio-accumulation) and once they reach a critical load, a ton of health issues begin to happen, including endocrine disruption, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and even cancer.
Our formulas are developed by biomedical engineers who understand the principles of health, and our ingredients are fresh, organic, and 100% TOXIN-FREE. We are proud of our products, and we ABSOLUTELY KNOW that they will help you achieve the healthy, radiant skin that you deserve.
What others are saying about us!
“I started using Pink Horizons because I was looking for an organic facial product line. I was unnerved with all the chemicals in products that I had tried. My skin is older; I'm 49 and I really needed to start taking better care of my skin. I had a lot of pigment issues from being out in the sun. I also did not like the dullness to my complexion. Probably within the first few weeks I notice my skin actually felt softer and looked more vibrant. The dark pigmentation started to go away as well …. What an awesome company you have. You really care.” 
-Joyce Grant
“We are impressed with your attention to environmental and social concerns and also thank you for being a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics …. We were impressed by your wonderful ingredients and the strength of your manufacturing process.”
-Certification Board, Green America
“I had radiation on my neck area for seven weeks and that really did a number on me!!! If it wasn't for this product my neck would have never healed to such a level!!!! Thank you Pink Horizons!!!" 
-Stacey Lippman