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Essentials Starter Kit for Dry/Sensitive Skin


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100% Naturally Sourced | 95-97% Organic
Fundamentals for healthier skin from Mother Nature to you, without interference...

Start your movement towards healthy, toxin-free skin by trying our fresh and handcrafted Essentials Starter Kit for Dry and/or Sensitive Skin. It includes all of the essentials you need to start a healthy, toxin-free skin care routine that will re-hydrate your skin and protect the delicate moisture barrier of your epidermis without irritating existing sensitivities. You will immediately notice the difference that a freshly made, natural, and organic skin care regimen has on your skin and will be astonished at its truly lasting results.

By exfoliating regularly, you remove the top layer of dead epidermal cells, hence making your skin smoother, appearing radiant and healthy as well as improving its ability to absorb holistic nutrients in your regimen. Dry skin must always be moisturized, especially after the cleansing process. Sensitive skin may only be able to withstand exfoliation once per week. It is important to listen to your skin and do what is comfortable - remember that everyone's skin is different.