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Resources for Warriors

When diagnosed with cancer, getting treatment, or in remission, there are many questions you may have. These questions may range from “Why me?” to “How can I pay these bills?”. These resources can help you find the support you need.

Stupid Cancer is a site that encompasses everything from financial support, emotional support and a place to talk to other cancer warriors. 

Livestrong is a site that can find and connect you to resources very quickly. 

Cancer Support Community is a one stop shop for the newly diagnosed. They cover about everything from choosing the right healthcare team to questions you should ask. You have to remember that you have a say in treatments and medications. Don’t say yes to everything without doing research and getting a second opinion. discusses the changes you may need to make before, during and after treatment. This is not a perfect guide. Every person has different needs nutritionally. And those needs may change because of certain medications. It is a good starting point. 

MSKCC is the cancer education page for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. You can search for all sorts of information. 

SPL is a great resource if you feel like taking your life at any point. They have a phone number to call and a chat function. 


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