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Be toxin free!Welcome to our Information Bank. Here, you will find links to guide you through your journey to becoming more conscious of the things that you put into your body including vital information on important topics such as healthy living, things to be conscious of, as well as articles and research shedding light on the effectiveness of certain key ingredients used in the cosmetics industry today. We are proud to be considered Champions in the effort to provide effective, toxin-free skin care and related up-to-date knowledge to the public. It is our goal to inform you as much as possible, so that you can make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle. Share what you learn with your family and friends - knowledge is one of the greatest gifts you can give. To access articles prior to 2014, please visit our Blog archive. 

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Our Methodology 

As we continue to grow, educating and providing you with essential knowledge to enrich a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we strive to create effective botanical formulations using fresh herbs, flowers, seeds, and plants – all for the benefit of your skin. By creating effective, natural, beneficial products through the use of pure botanical ingredients along with the synergetic concept of reaching people from a holistic perspective, we delightfully bring to each individual a specialized infusion of wholesome energy and botanical skin care. Our formulations are based on an understanding of your skin’s dynamic as an organ. Needless to say, a healthy skin care regimen should be supported by a balanced diet along with significant exercise. These essentials are part of a holistic approach to skin care and will ultimately have an effect on your skin’s health and splendor. The nurturing, therapeutic, and healing properties of botanicals are the root of our skin care products. From the very beginning, Pink Horizons has based its approach to skin care on an in-depth understanding of how botanicals are able to restore and sustain healthy skin, as well as focus on how important it is to treat your skin as an organ that absorbs nutrients as well as toxins into the bloodstream. 

With our professional background, scientific research is critical to our evaluation of the ingredients we select for product development. In our Research & Development Lab, we focus on ingredients that are 1) in their purest state; 2) proven to be effective; and 3) safest to our health and skin. As an end result, Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care provides you with natural and toxin-free skin care guaranteed to improve your skin’s health.  In other words, you will receive only the best.