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How to Shave the Toxin Free Way

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Step 1 | Prep

Shave Toxin Free

The first step to experiencing an epic shave is to prepare your skin for battle. The most ideal time to shave is during a hot shower or just after one. If you're not taking a shower, you can always press a wet, hot towel on your face for a couple minutes to open the pores. Make sure your face is nice and clean, and use a nutritious cleanser with a pH slightly higher than that of your skin (which is 5.5) in order to break up dirt and oil without stripping it of moisture. Next, use a plant-based pre-shave oil to protect your moisture barrier and to help glide the blade while shaving. Although you'll be using shaving cream in Step 2, the added fatty acids that a pre-shave oil provides will soften up your beard and make for a much smoother ride. We're giving away our new 100% Organic, Toxin-Free Pre-Shave Serum with every purchase of John's Soothing Agent until December 31st. Be one of the first to get one and tell us what you think!

Step 2 | Shave

Choose a toxin-free shaving cream.  Stay away from ingredients you can't easily pronounce. Look for formulas with humectants like aloe vera or vegetable glycerin. These are ingredients that attract and retain moisture. Shaving creams high in fatty acids and vitamins will benefit your skin in the long run and keep you looking young and healthy. 

Carrier seed oils are excellent for your skin and can range from light weight oils such as safflower or rosehip to more dense and nutritious oils like tamanu or avocado. Avoid synthetic preservatives or toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Common ones include Methylisothiazolinone (Ya! Try pronouncing that one), Fragrance (which can include any combination of hundreds of neurotoxins or toxic petroleum-based ingredients), Propylparaben, and a list of others that range anywhere from 3-10 on the Environmental Working Group's toxicity scale.

Remember that your skin is vulnerable during shaving and nicks and cracks are likely to happen. Organic, wholesome ingredients that are safe and nutritious are accessible, so there's no excuse for feeding your skin anything less. To find a top rated shaving cream, visit and enter "shaving cream" in the search bar. You can also check to see if your current shaving cream is safe or peruse different ingredients to check their toxicity levels.

Step 3 | Shave

Now it's time to choose your weapon. A safety razor should be considered for multiple reasons. If you care about the planet, the environmental impact of tossing a small blade vs a whole razor or cartridge is significantly less. While the initial investment of a safety razor is considerably more than the usual cartridge razors, you keep the razor for life and the blades can be as cheap as 100 for $15. While the shaving experience may take some getting used to, it is a more intimate affair due to the fact that you are dealing with only one blade and it will cut you much easier if you do not respect the razor. Treating your morning shave as a self-grounding ritual is far more satisfying than trying to get it over with. Additionally, when shaping a beard, you’re only dealing with one blade at a time, so you can be more precise. The weight of the razor adds a more substantial interaction making you feel more connected to the act of shaving.

John's Soothing Agent

Step 4 | Protect

The key to keeping healthy, attractive skin is to protect it daily with a moisturizer. Although men tend to age more gracefully than women, rough, dry, and wrinkled skin is inevitable if you don't protect it. Use cold water to reduce bleeding from any nicks you may have after shaving then make sure your skin is pat nice and dry before applying a final, penetrating moisturizer. A light to medium carrier oil such as Apricot combined with a rich, soothing balm like Shea Butter makes for the ideal men's moisturizer.

Try our John's Soothing Agent to start protecting and feeding your skin the essential vitamins and rich antioxidants it needs for a perfect shave. Receive a FREE Pre-Shave Serum and 30% off your purchase until December 31st.